Pen set is a valuable corporate gift. Carelia™ Koli metal pens are high quality writing instruments,which guarantee long life to customers logo engraved on them.
Our new Display Boxes gives even more value to the pens and presentation of the gift.
This autumn Carelia™ offers two Koli pen sets in a brand new Display Box.
One consists of Rollerball and Mechanical Pencil and another of Ballpoint Pen and Mechanical Pencil.
The end user price for both pen set is only 10 EUR.
Remember our Free Shipping until the end of the year!


Imatra pen, named after one of the most beautiful places in South-Eastern Finland, has been the bestseller of Carelia™ Collection for several years. Plain restrained design, excellent price-quality ratio and big variety of finishes and colours makes it perfect for promotional use. Today we offer our new idea for increasing of promotional value of the product – customised paper pouch for Imatra pen.With minimum quantity of only 100 pcs., everybody can make a visually spectacular gift from a just ball point pen.
As a pilot project, implementation of customised paper pouch has received strong approval and appreciation within the domestic customers. Customised pouch with Imatra pen is mostly suitable for use as a souvenir, but also as a business or promotional gift, where big printing surface helps to carry out an idea. For example, Finnish National Gallery, the biggest and most reputed art museum Ateneum in Helsinki, uses domestic Carelia™ pen in customised pouch for promoting exhibitions conducted there. Both Carelia™ pens and paper pouches are produced in Europe, which also matters on these days, considering European economic situation and environmental demands.
It is therefore, last year Carelia™ Collection was granted by The Association for Finnish Work with The Key Flag Symbol.
individual pouch


The Association for Finnish Work has granted The Design from Finland Mark to Carelia™ pens on its meeting on 6.2.2014.

The Design from Finland Mark indicates the origin of unique and high-quality Finnish Design. The Mark highlights the important role design plays in bringing success to business. Companies granted with the Design from Finland Mark are forerunners who invest in design and understand the value of it as part of their business strategy.

Design creates value in many levels; economically, socially and esthetically. Well-designed products and services make life easier and more enjoyable.
The Design from Finland Mark underlines the importance of design and, more broadly, the importance of high-skilled and intangible work in building the Finnish success story. Design in all its forms can generate both new employment opportunities as well as new professions.

For Carelia™ design is an investment that generates both economic and brand value.


CARELIA™ took part in PSI Fair in Düsseldorf for the first time. We would like to express our thanks to our customers and all visitors for coming along at our booth.
Our new range of economic pens was received with great interest that gives us optimism and a desire to make it even better. As we have pointed, all new pens will be available on stock from April. Also, we are planning to publish new catalogue with all novelties for this year on May.
On request we will be happy to provide neutral catalogues as well as product samples.



Carelia™ took part in the Promotional Gift Award 2014 with its new innovative designed pen OldArms. The Promotional Gift Award honours products that fulfil the requirement profile of a modern, highly communicative promotional product to an excellent degree. Organised by German Publishing company WA Verlag GmbH, it requires form judges to assess all of the submitted products according to five criteria. First of all the product idea is evaluated, i.e. its novelty value as a promotional product. Then, the design quality, the coherence of its form, the degree of its design innovation. The third criterion is the production quality, taking into account aspects such as the material used and customising possibilities. Fourthly, the judges evaluate the sustainability of the products, their durability, the use of the resources and their transparency in terms of certifications or seals. Last, but not least: The products are appraised in terms of their communicative potential, the communication of the message, the promotional impact and the item’s customer/brand bonding potential.

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